Monday Jun 24

More Massively Kewl Knock Knock Jokes!!!

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Knock, Knock
Who�s there?
I know it's you.

Knock, knock
Who�s there?
A talking pig.
Pigs can�t talk.
Neither can penguins, but I can�t shut him up! Wait till you get a load of the dancing candelabra�

Knock, knock
Who�s there?
You want to buy a kitten?
You want to buy a kitten who?
Make pretty pet.
I�m allergic to cats.
Taste good, too?

Knock, knock
Who�s there?
You sure you don�t want buy a little kitten?
Yes, I�m sure.
Could make one cute fuzzy glove?

Knock, knock
Who�s there?
Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy who?
Let me in, meat!
I mean� Hello I am Santa Claus.
Yay! Santa!

Knock, knock
Who�s there?
A Predator drone-launched Hellfire missile.
Saddam, I think it�s for you!

Knock, knock
Who�s there?
Gandalf the Gray Wizard, friend to hobbits and elves!
Dork-ass loser.
Don�t hit me! Don�t hit me!

Knock, knock
Who�s there?
My mouth is full of spiders.
My mouth is full of spiders who?
I didn�t kill the baby. It was made out of popcorn. Popcorn baby! I need a bucket - my knuckles are melting�
Man, you have got to lay off the cough syrup.

Knock, knock
Who�s there?
Hitler who?
Hitler: German, dictator, mass murderer. Little mustache? One testicle? �HEIL ME!� Ring a bell?
I thought you were someone else.
How is that possible? There is only ONE HITLER!
Nope. Went to school with a Nelson Hitler.
You�re just trying to annoy me now.
Do you really have just one testicle?
You�d think I miss it, but I don�t

Knock, knock
Who�s there?
Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
What, and that makes you special?

Knock, knock
Who�s there?
Some who?
Some asshole telling you knock, knock jokes.




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